Saturday, June 5, 2010

Take me away

I constantly fantasize about moving away; San Francisco, NYC, North Carolina, South Carolina, or lately, Colorado.
I want to live in some charming house or a cute apartment with exposed brick, hardwood floors, crown molding and lots of windows. Something with character, I'm tired of the cookie cutter apartment complexes.

Here's some real (available!) places I've been loving on in our price range (with the exception of NYC (those ones are in the $,1600 range, our price range can't even get you a dumpster there):

A cute little Victorian fixer upper in Denver:

I'm in love with the Denver city lofts! I love exposed brick and beams

Remove all the clutter and ugly decor and this Charleston house has potential:

A cute, old building like this one in Charleston would be great

Or this one (also Charleston)
Columbia, SC house which I find adorable:

How great would this Asheville, NC house be?

NYC hardwood floors, corner windows and french doors? Yes please!

I have a love for exposed radiators as well. NYC

This 2 story NYC apartment is great, exposed brick + hardwood floors, awesome.

I have a fascination with apartment buildings like this. I love looking at every ones windows and trying to get a little glimpse of their lives in there. The windows always seem to have such character.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I waited until the last minute and am now too tired to post anything real. I promise I have a  real post (or two) up my sleeve for tomorrow.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I've got nothing but Trunk.

No really, I think I'm just tired and therefor feeling uninspired so I don't have anything super exciting to blog about but I can't tell you all about my awesome trunk.
I found this trunk at a yard sale I just stumbled upon. It was only $5!
The refurbishing process has been taking me a long time but I'm loving it. I decided I wanted to paint it grey and use some decorative paper for the front 2 panels then add some fun knobs. Well, grey #1 was much too blue, Grey #2 was too brown, Grey #3 was just wrong. Finally, I have found a color that I love

Here it is when I got it: 
After the first paint job. Too blue-
The final, awesome paint color. It photographs a little light-

Here is the paper I'm going to order for the front panels, it is from Snow & Graham:

Once I apply that I get to pick out 2 awesome knobs. Most likely from Anthropologie. I can't wait to get this trunk finished.

Oh, and here is the inspiration photo for this project (from design sponge):

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Desperately wanting.

Today is hot. Too hot and it's just going to get hotter. I'm feeling wanty. Here's what I'm currently obsessing over.

New Glasses, something adorable like these:

Seriously, how cute are those two? Check out their even cuter video (and more glasses) here via Black*Eiffel .

New 7 For All Mankind . They fit like a dream and they're comfy.

These awesome his and hers pillows from Freshly Picked. It makes me wish T would grow a beard just so we could have them.

This cute personalize stationary from Rifle Paper Co.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Last nights dream was pretty cool if you ask me.

So I used to be a huge OC fan. (Yes, that teeny bopper soap opera like show.) Anyways, dream:

So I was living in an awesome huge house, like the Cohen's house in The OC but better and Marissa was there too and Caleb (her grandpa, who also plays Whidmore on LOST). He told me he wanted to adopt Marissa and would give me $5,000 if I'd let him. I said sure (I mean, after all, why not, I'm not her mom or heck, even legal guardian). Then he got me The ring (that pretty one down there *down arrow*), don't know why he got it for me but it was gorgeous. I explained to Marissa that Caleb loved her and was going to adopt her. The End.

Freaking weird as usual huh? Go figure. Someone said I'm thinking too much about Engagement rings, I think I just have weird dreams.

Here's some hotness from that lovely show.

..Adam Brody
Rachel Bilson

Mischa Barton

Ben McKenzie

Monday, May 31, 2010


Apparently Sleeping in (thank you 3 day weekend) has made remembering my dreams easier.

In my dream my old friend C from highschool (whats with all these old friends coming back?) had a huge crush on this girl I kind of know, K. Anyways, he kept asking me for her number because he was so in love with her and he had even found some song that represented how he felt (believe me or not, it was sweet.) but he could't find the song so while I was helping him look online for it he scooted right over to me and tried to hold my hand. Well, we didn't find the song but I gave him her number.

I hope they lived happily ever after.

I haven't mentioned this yet but my goal here is to treat this blog as a 365 meaning that I want to post at least once every day for 365 consecutive days. I know going into this I'll probably slip up and skips days but goals are a good thing, right?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blinky hearts and space ships?

I had 2 dreams last night that I can recall.

The first was very lost-esque:
I was stuck on some type of island with some people (not sure who they were) and some people were trying to get us. We had to keep getting on either some sort of space ship or an airplane to escape. The thing was these ships and planes were attached to houses, they were like the decks of the houses and people called them certain types of islands.

Second dream- I think my looking at wedding stuff last night got to me.

I was in my old bedroom I grew up in and I was flipping through my calender for the summer and noticed 2 dates blocked out in July, I asked my mom about them and she said "those are the dates we can't tell you about" and I remembered that just a little bit ago my ex, B said he had something planned that they couldn't tell me about (odd).
Well, then I was on a cruise ship and I realized those dates that had been marked out were coming up in just a couple days and they were blocked for a photo shoot.
It dawned on me then that he (the ex) was going to propose but had changed his mind because he realized I'm with T and clearly love T. So I went out to a large, private deck on the ship and saw how it was all set up for a proposal. There were little heart pins everywhere that said something along the lines of "she said yes and I do" or something like that, I know they definitely said "I do". There were also little tea lights everywhere and it was very pretty and romantic but I remember just walking around looking at all the stuff and taking it all in. I didn't feel sad or anything, I felt content but it was still odd, when I walked back in my mom was there but we didn't say anything to each other. That was it.

So weird and random. Well, except my looking at wedding stuff could have been a culprit.

 (This is what the pins kind of looked like)