Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resolution #5

#5 Be sweeter. See that guy there? I love him, more than anything. He knows that, I hope ;). As much as I love him though, it doesn't mean I don't get frustrated or annoyed with him. He always gets water on the mirror, he leaves trash on the counter, and sometimes, he just frustrates me. It's easy to get annoyed and snap, I don't want to be like that though. In my opinion, bickering and annoying each other is normal, even healthy. I don't feel it's realistic to be living on a rainbow all the time. However, I'm going to try a lot harder to be patient and not let stupid stuff (like misplacing the remote) irritate me. It's just not worth the time and effort to argue over little things like who does laundry better.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolution #4

#4 Manage my time better. I do really well with this at work, and not so much at home. By the time I get home I just want to relax. I don't want to clean, cook, blog, or do anything but go on pinterest and watch TV with T.
I love going to bed early with T to watch our TV shows, but I need to make sure that I get other things done first. I have yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays and as much as I love it, and have no plans of quitting, it cuts into my "me" time. I used to clean my house every Thursday, then with yoga I moved it to Wednesdays. Now, I clean it when I clean it. I'd really like to get back on schedule. There's nothing better than going into a weekend with a clean house you don't have to worry about.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolution # 3

#3 Eat healthier. I'm not going on a diet, I don't intend to lose weight, I plan on putting less junk into my body. A month ago at the Doctor's office, she asked me what my diet is like. I had to laugh and say "horrible". It's true, I eat horribly. Not necessarily just junk food, but not enough actual meals.

 I've been known to have the following for dinner, on a regular basis: cereal (always. I'm addicted), banana split, cheese fries, cheese and crackers, mac n cheese, avocado with salt, and candy.
It's bad, I just never really feel like any meals or the effort that goes into them. Don't get me wrong, I love fruits, veggies, and salads. In fact, I do eat salad for dinner quite often, just not often enough. I'm not a big meat eater either so I have a hard time getting in my protein.

This year, I'm going to try to cook more, eat more protein, and less sugar. My parents eat clean and I'll definitely be leaning more towards that style of eating. I don't have an exact meal plan but I'll probably start the day with a glass of water (resolution #2!) and a green smoothie. For lunch I'm leaning towards soup, salad, and egg or chicken salad (made with avocado instead of mayo). Dinner, I'll start cooking some things like chicken, healthier pastas, and soups. I'll be real, I'm still going to have sweets and I'm sure Taco Bell will sneak its way in there but, for the most part, I'm striving to eat better.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolution #2

#2 Drink more water. I HATE water, I've always hated water. I hate how it taste, I know you all claim there's no taste to water, there is. Honestly, I drink a glass of water probably once every few weeks. Sure, I'll swallow down my vitamins with a gulp everyday but that's about it. T thinks it's a wonder I'm even alive, he's probably right.
People always ask me what do I drink then? Really, I just don't drink much in general. I normally start my morning with a "special" drink like coffee, chai tea, chocolate milk, or orange juice. Then I easily go until dinner without drinking anything. Depending on what I eat for dinner, I may have a coke diet rootbeer, ICE, crystal light, or wine. That's it. My poor body is probably incredibly dehydrated.

To help me with this resolution we purchased a PUR water filter, the kind you screw onto the faucet. I also plan on purchasing one of these cute, glass water bottles.

I look forward to seeing how my body reacts to actually having proper hydration. I'm hoping my skin will suck it up and start glowing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolution #1

It's here! That fresh feeling of a New Year, a chance to change and improve.  I like new, always have; new school year, new house, new clothes, it's always an adventure.

Last year I made several resolutions, including one to blog more. I obviously failed miserably there. But hey, that's what resolutions are for, right? Over the next 7 days I'll share my 2013 resolutions with you.

#1 Blog more. I mean it this time. If I have to set a schedule where I sit down at 7pm everyday and blog, so be it. I love blogging and would love more followers, but unless I actually give people something to read, they're not going to come here.

Keep reading, make sure I stick to it.

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Recap

2012 has been interesting, we've had a lot of great changes, and a lot of hard times. I wont be sad to see it go and I look forward to what to 2013 holds. A little recap (excuse the weird picture formatting, blogger...):

January: My best friend came to visit, T got a new job, I got a promotion, and we moved.

April: Easter, I helped T with a lot of Biology and he finished school, T turned 25, and we went to Dallas to visit my parents

June: Surprised my Grandma for her 80th Birthday. Isn't she pretty?

July: We went home to Alaska for 4th of July. It was quite the adventure! We went to Seward where it rained...a lot, I got to see my high school BFF and meet her sweet baby girl, T's grandma got sick and was in the hospital :(, Leslie and I did some shots together, and we went fishing for my 2nd time ever. Then when we got back, I had my 25th birthday.

September: I went to Dallas for a shopping weekend with my mom, Black jack got spoiled as usual, met the gorgeous Jenna, and threw a baby shower.

Late September/ October: This was a hard time. We lost our beautiful baby nephew, Beckett. I'll save his sweet story for another time. T and I were blessed to spend some special time with our niece, Harper that weekend. Her and I went to see Justin Bieber (he puked on stage!) and she fell asleep half way through. Then we built a fort, and the next morning baked some muffins. Our other beautiful niece and her mom came to visit and we made some colorful cookies. 

November: I cooked our entire Thanksgiving meal, it was exhausting. 

December: T's Papa passed away :(, I got another huge promotion, helped host an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, received a ton of dresses, and spent some wonderful time with family.

Hello 2013!