Saturday, June 26, 2010

Japenese Architecture

When I first saw this house on desire to inspire I was blown away. The architects at Suppose design office are amazing.  I love the glass ceiling and how it brings the outdoors in. What a neat concept.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not your 5 year olds drawing...

...but pretty darn close! It's Thursday which means time for a "throwback". Here's one of the many *awesome* drawings I did in High school.
In this lovely little drawing (from left to right) we have; Me, T.P., Kendra and J.

You see, in high school me and my best friend Kendra were rather obsessed with wrestling as all of our best guy friends were wrestlers. We went to every match and tourney and were the best little cheerleaders they could have asked for.
Every week (or when we got bored) we'd draw up some silly pictures like this usually starring our crush at the moment and some awesome destination.

In this one we are both with the guys we liked at the time, T.P. and J. The guy I liked went to our rival school Grace. Kendra and I are both holding Bawls (a delicious energy drink we couldn't get enough of) and wearing "Gerardo Jammie's" (the same type of pajama pants that one of our friends wore-so comfy!).

I have a lot more of these drawings that I'll be posting and be forewarned, I have some old, old, angsty, blog posts that I will start sharing. I'm telling you, their a bit pathetic but they're good for a laugh and who doesn't enjoy a good laugh?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swiss Family Robinson

Have you seen the movie, or read the book? If not you really must. It was one of my favorites when I was younger. They live in the most amazing tree house!
There are some other, real life tree houses. Like these ones here, or these featured on the MSN homepage. How cool!
Then  I came across this amazing Bali treehouse via apartment therapy

I love it.
What do you think? Could you ever live in a tree house like these? I totally would.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm thinking now that I'd like to live in Vermont. Sure, I might have the glamorized view of it from Newhart and Baby Boom but I think I'd like it. They have what looks like the most gorgeous Autumn ever, snow and cute cottages.

This house looks amazing.

Oh my, I want it.
This one is amazing as well. Look at those colors!

Here are some real life options:

I'm in love

I love the bathroom on this one.

Look at this sweet, kitschy kitchen.

The perfect, American dream home

 Lake front? I'll take it!

So perfect. It takes a very close 2nd place.  

By far my favorite! Sorry, no sneak picture. I love it so much you have to click it to see.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer links

Bob O'Connor via Desire to inspire

Made it through another Monday and summer is officially here (as if it hasn't been in Phoenix for the past 3 months...).

Summer is here! Throw a party!

Pets on furniture might be my favorite thing about Mondays. This week Ponyo is my favorite.

 Sweet & inspiring, I would love a cute little French house.

I can not get over how amazing that first house is. Do you see that kitchen?! and that bathroom....

I love everything about this video. The cute girl, those coral lips, the nautical touches. Oh my.

I am currently obsessed with this song. Amanda Seyfried has an amazing voice to go with her amazing looks.

Yum! I'm dying to try these.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Camera talk

Our lovely little camera took a fall recently and the flash no longer works. We've been wanting a nice SLR camera for a while now, so maybe now is the time? Especially with my upcoming  birthday *hint hint*.
The question is which one? I kind of have my heart set on a Canon Rebel but, what do I know? I've heard there are also some awesome Nikon's  out there.
If I get a Canon do I get the xs? xsi? xti? I just don't know...
What do you recommend?