Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Recap

2012 has been interesting, we've had a lot of great changes, and a lot of hard times. I wont be sad to see it go and I look forward to what to 2013 holds. A little recap (excuse the weird picture formatting, blogger...):

January: My best friend came to visit, T got a new job, I got a promotion, and we moved.

April: Easter, I helped T with a lot of Biology and he finished school, T turned 25, and we went to Dallas to visit my parents

June: Surprised my Grandma for her 80th Birthday. Isn't she pretty?

July: We went home to Alaska for 4th of July. It was quite the adventure! We went to Seward where it rained...a lot, I got to see my high school BFF and meet her sweet baby girl, T's grandma got sick and was in the hospital :(, Leslie and I did some shots together, and we went fishing for my 2nd time ever. Then when we got back, I had my 25th birthday.

September: I went to Dallas for a shopping weekend with my mom, Black jack got spoiled as usual, met the gorgeous Jenna, and threw a baby shower.

Late September/ October: This was a hard time. We lost our beautiful baby nephew, Beckett. I'll save his sweet story for another time. T and I were blessed to spend some special time with our niece, Harper that weekend. Her and I went to see Justin Bieber (he puked on stage!) and she fell asleep half way through. Then we built a fort, and the next morning baked some muffins. Our other beautiful niece and her mom came to visit and we made some colorful cookies. 

November: I cooked our entire Thanksgiving meal, it was exhausting. 

December: T's Papa passed away :(, I got another huge promotion, helped host an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, received a ton of dresses, and spent some wonderful time with family.

Hello 2013!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Hideout

It's been a while since I've done one of these. It actually took me some searching to find a wedding that really appealed to me but this one was love at first sight. 

The illustrated invites got me, they always get me. Especially when they include a map.

Then there's the endearing name: "The Hideout", the charming wood lodge, and unique, rustic touches. I love the blush colored bridesmaid dresses, the photo-op worthy, vintage seating area, and the use of succulent.
Really though, I'm at a loss for words, so here are pictures! 

All via my favorite wedding blog, Ruffled