Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happily ever...someday

While watching an episode of "My fair wedding" I got inspired to peruse some wedding pictures. I know I shouldn't but it's just so fun. I really think I'd like to go into event planning. Anyways here's some picture I collected and some I had (I always save pictures I stumble upon, for inspiration).

                                           I love this cake I found on Oh me oh my!
                                                            Orchids. My favorite.
I keep running across this wedding dress. It is perfection.
Love the vintage feel the chandeliers give.
Cutest bouquet from Design Sponge
        This is insanely stunning. I must recreate it. Photo by Christian Othe via ohhappyday!
Of course it all starts with the ring. Have you ever seen a more gorgeous ring? I have not. Someday, I hope it will grace my finger.
How cute is that cake? I am so obsessed with birds. From Snippet&ink

How gorgeous is this venue?

Just a couple things I like. I still have my favorite, clever ideas under lock and key for the day I need them.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Diamonds and mazes

I had 2 dreams last night that I can remember.

In the first one I was with my old friend A, from college. We were sitting in some type of studio, discussing tattoos with a tattoo artist. I was saying how I wanted another tattoo, maybe one my wrist but was afraid that they're too cliche when I remembered that this friend has a tattoo on her wrist. As she went to show off her wrist tattoo (which is awesome in real life, btw) I noticed the gigantic rock on her finger. She had a round, solitaire engagement ring, the diamond had to have been at least 3 carats. It was gorgeous. She also mentioned something about her son.
Not sure what was this this dream as this friend is not engaged and definitely does not have a son. Plus, I haven't talked to or seen her in forever, why did she suddenly appear last night?

My second dream is a little foggy. I wasn't really me (not my body) and I was with 2 other people, one girl, one guy. It was winter, snow and all. I remember looking for something outside some house, it was all marshy and the water had a lot of algae in it. Some girl was pulling random stuff out of the water and I found the whole thing quite weird.

Next thing I know, I'm downtown in some cute, big city, downtown with this guy and girl and we're sledding. I think someone was coming after us or we had to get home because we started running through the streets until the guy darted into what looked like an empty crevice in the side of a building. I pushed on this stone wall and realized it was a hidden door and behind it was a whole hidden sidewalk system with lots of corners, and turns, like a maze.
That's all I can remember :(


I am obsessed (pun semi intended) with OCD. I find it insanely intriguing and I kind of wish I had OCD (I know, I know, It's not all I think it's cracked up to be). I like the idea I have of it, like Monk. If I could, I'd totally marry him and live in his perfect, clean house.
I realize these people hate their actions and it's not a fun thing to live with but I'm still very much interested.

I was just watching a new show on VH1 about it and so far it's very interesting. They have 6 people in the house and will be doing therapy and what not with them to help them work through their ocd.

I hate, hate, hate when people pull the OCD card though. It seems like everybody at some point says "Oh I'm so ocd" "yea I have ocd" when referring to one thing they do that's anal. I hate this. Being a neat freak or doing one thing in a certain order does not make you ocd. I have weird little things I'll do but I could never say I am ocd. Here are my weird behaviours:

-I like all things in the pantry, cupboards and fridge to be lined up, labels facing outward or at a certain angle.
-I like the closet to be organized by length of dress/ skirt. If I could figure out how to do that along with color I'd be very happy.
-Books in height order. Again, if I could figure out how to organize my books by author/ height/ color that would be awesome.
-Sometimes when I hear a word I have to spell it. Until I spell it I keep repeating it over and over.
-When I have a list of things to do I'll say them over and over in my head even after I've completed them.

So, there's my little dose of crazy (still, not ocd).

What's yours?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sleep is calling

I'm so glad we have a 3 day weekend this weekend. I've just been so tired and it will be well appreciated. I'd love nothing more than to spend the entire 3 days curled up in this bed reading and sleeping. Ahhh...

(From Anthropologie)

Just need to make it through tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At last!

Whoo! I finally did it. I settled on a name for this place. For the past several (oh yes, several.) months I have put my friends, boyfriend and mother through hell while I've tossed around potential blog names.
I decided quite some time ago that I wanted a blog of my very own, somewhere I could chronicle all my crazy dreams, somewhere to share the things I love. The next step to that decision is clearly to come up with a name.
Easier said than done.
I wanted a fun name, something clever. Not just a simple "Hi, I'm ___" type of thing. I wanted the name to mention dreams in someway but I didn't want to be tied down to a name that was just about dreams.
Finally, a couple days ago I settled on that lovely name that now graces the top of this page. I have always loved the number 7 and it seems to like me too as it is involved in every number I've ever been assigned (phone numbers, license plates, etc..) then there's the little fact that there are 7 days in a week, 7 nights to sleep and therefor dream. Simple enough?

Here's other ideas I tossed around (if you love 1 and wish I'd picked it instead of this, don't tell me! You'll break my poor, little, indecisive heart).
-Waking thoughts
-A Dreamers Reality
-Imagined Realities (thank you to my darling Pinot for this suggestion)
-Secret life of a dreamer
-The secrets that we sleep (this was a strong contender, but too long)
-Pillow talk

I hope you all agree that I made a good choice here :)

p.s. If you love that little french man up there as much as I do you can find him and his adorable friends at Cosas Minimas Etsy shop :http://www.etsy.com/shop/blancucha?page=1