Friday, May 28, 2010

Diamonds and mazes

I had 2 dreams last night that I can remember.

In the first one I was with my old friend A, from college. We were sitting in some type of studio, discussing tattoos with a tattoo artist. I was saying how I wanted another tattoo, maybe one my wrist but was afraid that they're too cliche when I remembered that this friend has a tattoo on her wrist. As she went to show off her wrist tattoo (which is awesome in real life, btw) I noticed the gigantic rock on her finger. She had a round, solitaire engagement ring, the diamond had to have been at least 3 carats. It was gorgeous. She also mentioned something about her son.
Not sure what was this this dream as this friend is not engaged and definitely does not have a son. Plus, I haven't talked to or seen her in forever, why did she suddenly appear last night?

My second dream is a little foggy. I wasn't really me (not my body) and I was with 2 other people, one girl, one guy. It was winter, snow and all. I remember looking for something outside some house, it was all marshy and the water had a lot of algae in it. Some girl was pulling random stuff out of the water and I found the whole thing quite weird.

Next thing I know, I'm downtown in some cute, big city, downtown with this guy and girl and we're sledding. I think someone was coming after us or we had to get home because we started running through the streets until the guy darted into what looked like an empty crevice in the side of a building. I pushed on this stone wall and realized it was a hidden door and behind it was a whole hidden sidewalk system with lots of corners, and turns, like a maze.
That's all I can remember :(

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