Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

Remember this post? Well, I couldn't forget my Daddy! 7 things I've learned from him:

1. To make sure to say I love you and never leave angry.

2. To be a perfectionist.

3. How to change my oil. I don't actually remember how, but I remember the day he taught me :)

4. To love sweets.

5. How to have a good relationship with God.

6. The importance of being a hard worker.

7. The integrity and character are everything.

and some day....how to parent in a loving and sincere. I know that everyone has said it today, but the truth is, my Dad really is the best there ever is! I love you Daddy!

I have this awesome photo of my Dad looking like an early 90's fashion epitome, but my scanner isn't working!