Monday, August 27, 2012

Impressive Branding

You know, that moment when you're walking through the store and that awesome looking bottle of jelly grabs your attention? Or maybe it's a cool looking package of scone mix.
 Branding has such a huge impact on buying, I know it does with me. If something has an unusual label or homemade looking packaging: I'm going to want it.

The alcohol market totally has this concept down. How many times have you bought a bottle of wine just for the bottle? I myself am dying to get my hands on a Kraken bottle. Not because I love rum (I don't really), but because that octopus on that awesomely shaped bottle is just to die for.

Typically it's the overly simple, to the point label that is so clean it's appealing that gets me. Other times it's an elaborate, colorful design.  Whatever it is, it's best when it's unique and eye grabbing.

 Brush 'Stache! 

 Perfect, perfect labels for homemade preserves and condiments
 Have you ever wanted a pencil so badly? 

 By far, the coolest iced coffee ever
So clever!

 Wouldn't your OJ feel extra special coming from one of these?

There's that Kraken! 

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