Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happily ever...someday

While watching an episode of "My fair wedding" I got inspired to peruse some wedding pictures. I know I shouldn't but it's just so fun. I really think I'd like to go into event planning. Anyways here's some picture I collected and some I had (I always save pictures I stumble upon, for inspiration).

                                           I love this cake I found on Oh me oh my!
                                                            Orchids. My favorite.
I keep running across this wedding dress. It is perfection.
Love the vintage feel the chandeliers give.
Cutest bouquet from Design Sponge
        This is insanely stunning. I must recreate it. Photo by Christian Othe via ohhappyday!
Of course it all starts with the ring. Have you ever seen a more gorgeous ring? I have not. Someday, I hope it will grace my finger.
How cute is that cake? I am so obsessed with birds. From Snippet&ink

How gorgeous is this venue?

Just a couple things I like. I still have my favorite, clever ideas under lock and key for the day I need them.


  1. I love the centerpiece with the orchids.. LOVE IT.. Think we can re create with my centerpieces Nda?