Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blinky hearts and space ships?

I had 2 dreams last night that I can recall.

The first was very lost-esque:
I was stuck on some type of island with some people (not sure who they were) and some people were trying to get us. We had to keep getting on either some sort of space ship or an airplane to escape. The thing was these ships and planes were attached to houses, they were like the decks of the houses and people called them certain types of islands.

Second dream- I think my looking at wedding stuff last night got to me.

I was in my old bedroom I grew up in and I was flipping through my calender for the summer and noticed 2 dates blocked out in July, I asked my mom about them and she said "those are the dates we can't tell you about" and I remembered that just a little bit ago my ex, B said he had something planned that they couldn't tell me about (odd).
Well, then I was on a cruise ship and I realized those dates that had been marked out were coming up in just a couple days and they were blocked for a photo shoot.
It dawned on me then that he (the ex) was going to propose but had changed his mind because he realized I'm with T and clearly love T. So I went out to a large, private deck on the ship and saw how it was all set up for a proposal. There were little heart pins everywhere that said something along the lines of "she said yes and I do" or something like that, I know they definitely said "I do". There were also little tea lights everywhere and it was very pretty and romantic but I remember just walking around looking at all the stuff and taking it all in. I didn't feel sad or anything, I felt content but it was still odd, when I walked back in my mom was there but we didn't say anything to each other. That was it.

So weird and random. Well, except my looking at wedding stuff could have been a culprit.

 (This is what the pins kind of looked like)

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