Monday, May 31, 2010


Apparently Sleeping in (thank you 3 day weekend) has made remembering my dreams easier.

In my dream my old friend C from highschool (whats with all these old friends coming back?) had a huge crush on this girl I kind of know, K. Anyways, he kept asking me for her number because he was so in love with her and he had even found some song that represented how he felt (believe me or not, it was sweet.) but he could't find the song so while I was helping him look online for it he scooted right over to me and tried to hold my hand. Well, we didn't find the song but I gave him her number.

I hope they lived happily ever after.

I haven't mentioned this yet but my goal here is to treat this blog as a 365 meaning that I want to post at least once every day for 365 consecutive days. I know going into this I'll probably slip up and skips days but goals are a good thing, right?


  1. Haha not that C and K oddly. Because yes, those 2 are married.

  2. Who was C i wonder? And yay 365 like my blessings!! DO IT!! It's so awesome how I am 169 days into blessings! :)