Saturday, June 5, 2010

Take me away

I constantly fantasize about moving away; San Francisco, NYC, North Carolina, South Carolina, or lately, Colorado.
I want to live in some charming house or a cute apartment with exposed brick, hardwood floors, crown molding and lots of windows. Something with character, I'm tired of the cookie cutter apartment complexes.

Here's some real (available!) places I've been loving on in our price range (with the exception of NYC (those ones are in the $,1600 range, our price range can't even get you a dumpster there):

A cute little Victorian fixer upper in Denver:

I'm in love with the Denver city lofts! I love exposed brick and beams

Remove all the clutter and ugly decor and this Charleston house has potential:

A cute, old building like this one in Charleston would be great

Or this one (also Charleston)
Columbia, SC house which I find adorable:

How great would this Asheville, NC house be?

NYC hardwood floors, corner windows and french doors? Yes please!

I have a love for exposed radiators as well. NYC

This 2 story NYC apartment is great, exposed brick + hardwood floors, awesome.

I have a fascination with apartment buildings like this. I love looking at every ones windows and trying to get a little glimpse of their lives in there. The windows always seem to have such character.

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  1. I love the denver loft!! Please move there so I can visit PRONTO!