Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Last nights dream was pretty cool if you ask me.

So I used to be a huge OC fan. (Yes, that teeny bopper soap opera like show.) Anyways, dream:

So I was living in an awesome huge house, like the Cohen's house in The OC but better and Marissa was there too and Caleb (her grandpa, who also plays Whidmore on LOST). He told me he wanted to adopt Marissa and would give me $5,000 if I'd let him. I said sure (I mean, after all, why not, I'm not her mom or heck, even legal guardian). Then he got me The ring (that pretty one down there *down arrow*), don't know why he got it for me but it was gorgeous. I explained to Marissa that Caleb loved her and was going to adopt her. The End.

Freaking weird as usual huh? Go figure. Someone said I'm thinking too much about Engagement rings, I think I just have weird dreams.

Here's some hotness from that lovely show.

..Adam Brody
Rachel Bilson

Mischa Barton

Ben McKenzie

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  1. oh OC I still have all the seasons and now kinda craving to watch it.. where are you dear bff?