Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolution #2

#2 Drink more water. I HATE water, I've always hated water. I hate how it taste, I know you all claim there's no taste to water, there is. Honestly, I drink a glass of water probably once every few weeks. Sure, I'll swallow down my vitamins with a gulp everyday but that's about it. T thinks it's a wonder I'm even alive, he's probably right.
People always ask me what do I drink then? Really, I just don't drink much in general. I normally start my morning with a "special" drink like coffee, chai tea, chocolate milk, or orange juice. Then I easily go until dinner without drinking anything. Depending on what I eat for dinner, I may have a coke diet rootbeer, ICE, crystal light, or wine. That's it. My poor body is probably incredibly dehydrated.

To help me with this resolution we purchased a PUR water filter, the kind you screw onto the faucet. I also plan on purchasing one of these cute, glass water bottles.

I look forward to seeing how my body reacts to actually having proper hydration. I'm hoping my skin will suck it up and start glowing.

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