Friday, February 1, 2013

Fashion Friday: dressing for hockey

Next week we're going to a NHL Hockey game, so of course I'm obsessing over what to wear. I don't really do the whole jeans and t shirt thing. I'm way too girly for that.

Really, who says dressing for your team or a sporting event can't be girly or dressy? No, I'm not talking about pink jerseys. There are a ton of cute options out there. Any of these items, worn properly (like with skinny jeans or a cute bow), would be very cute.
Just look at this first outfit, I'm obsessed!

That last one is actually what I wore to my very first Bruins game, with skinny jeans.

 Now, for those instances when I can't exactly have a team logo all over me (work), or I want to go dressy at a game (NYE), I like to mix their colors. Lucky for me, I have Black and Gold to work with, they make such a luxe combo. 

Now, if they would just start making Bruins dresses, I would allllll over that.

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