Thursday, February 2, 2012


We're all moved in! Granted, things are still a mess and we have a ton of unpacking,  organizing, and decorating to do. We've both been so busy all week with work and life that we haven't been able to do much of anything. Tonight I did unpack and organize the kitchen which makes me feel so much better. This weekend we will finish the rest of the house. Here's some photos of the current state of things. Keep in mind, this is a mess, and before we've done anything. The place wasn't very clean when we moved in and all I've cleaned so far is the kitchen cabinets (not putting my clean dishes in dirty cabinets!)

We have no linen closet so I'm considering getting a pretty basket to put on the counter (or underneath?) with nice, rolled towels in it. That's also not our shower curtain, it was here when we got here and once I find ours I'll be replacing that. 

We're still in the process of picking out a new headboard so hopefully once we get that and find the bedskirt the bedroom will look a little less blah. Oh, and I'm leaning towards putting the photo collage back up, above the bed. Not seen in this picture is all the boxes on the left full of clothes and what not. Oh, and our wonderful (currently messy) walk in closet!
 To the left of the kitchen is a little desk area. I have no real plans of putting a computer there so I'm trying to figure out what to do with the space. I was considering a little coffee "bar" with coffee maker, mugs, etc. but now I'm not so sure. 
 Still working on decorating in here
 Our pantry is clearly ridiculously bare. We need to go grocery shopping!

 We need to get some new tables, the side table is too big.
View from the dining area. Ignore the random tables, they're temporary. I'm planning on adding some curtains (with color!) to those windows.
 So, the weird layout of the living room forced us to have a bit of an awkward space behind the couch. Right now it's housing all our pictures but in the near future we will get a sofa table to go there and hopefully that'll make it look a little better.
 No dining room table so the red desk it is! This is kind of the over spill of the bathroom stuff right now.
 Small bookcase nook
 Leaving the living room, to the stairs. This is currently the empty boxes/ trash area. Fun, huh?
 What you see when you walk up the stairs, ahh awkward living room, I think I love you. 
 Down the stairs. The door on the left is to outside and the one on the right takes you into the garage. See that big wall above the stairs? I think we have the perfect picture to go there. p.s. I know this shot looks spooky and crooked.
So, there it is! Hopefully I'll be posting a lot more photos as everything progresses. In my unpacking today I realized we definitely need some things.
*Air tight containers for flour, sugar, and oats
*Something to organize the spices
*Shelf liners for the pantry
*Bathroom rug
*Basket for towels
*Sofa table
*End tables
I have a feeling this list will just get longer :)

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  1. Nice. Looks like work though, so make fun of it. You are a very creative young lady so I am sure it will look great when you put your touches onto everything.