Thursday, January 19, 2012


We need a new headboard,  we're getting a new headboard. We just need to decide which one. Our goal is an upholstered headboard for under $300. Overstock had a few we really liked in the top end of our price range but I'm also considering getting a cheap wooden one off craigslist and doing it myself. Hmm...
(sorry the picture quality is so crappy for some reason)

 Those 3 are from Overstock and all on the higher end of  our price range. 
 This would be my dream one. Like, the one I'm dying to have but don't have $600 for. Why Urban Outfitters, why?! Anyone want to buy it for us?
 Love the pattern!
 If I DIY I'll be choosing a fabric similar to this
Love the shape and nailhead


  1. Joss&Main has an upholstered headboard today for less than $300, it made me think of you!

    In case you're not a member (you really should be! It's just your kind of thing!) http://www.jossandmain.com/invite/pirategal03

  2. It's in their "Breakfast in Bed" Event. :)