Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Young House Love, Love

Young House Love is one of my absolutely favorite blogs and in the great blogging slump of late 2011, I stopped following the Petersiks. Well, today I remedied that and read 30 (yes, 30!) pages of back posts from them and got all caught up. As usual, they've left me feeling incredibly inspired and motivated to decorate our new place.
YHL is actually one of the biggest inspirations I had for starting this blog. I figured if 2 people (not much older than me) could design impeccably, why couldn't I? I've never met them but with their bare-all/share-all approach I feel a bit like they're my super handy, enviable, next door neighbors (I wish!).
Just as they've inspired me to blog, do a photo gallery, and many other things, they've inspired me become a little more hands on with my blogging. This means as we move into our new apartment and I begin to decorate and organize our new space I want to share the changes I'm making and ultimately translate my inspirations and favorite photos into my realities.
Alright, I know, this post is a little mushy and odd. I'm going to blame that on my brain being fried from a full day of work, a Boston Bruins loss, and 30 (do you realize how much this is?!) pages of reading.
Go check out YHL, get lost in the amazingness, and get back to me when you're all caught up.

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