Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Photo Gallery

Here I am playing with my formations. Figured I'd ask my lovely followers for their opinions. I pretty much copied the formations from yesterdays posts to see how I feel. I think mine and T's favorite's are the ones where it makes a square with the edges (#3, 4, & 5) and the very last one. I've numbered the bottom of each to limit confusion ;)
So, thoughts? Do you like any of these? If so, should the frames be closer or tighter? More frames? Less?




 #4 (this is the same as number 3, just a different angle)

 #5 (same as #3, just a different angle)


P.s. See what I mean about Quincy insisting on being in photos?


  1. Now we are talkin'! These are great. It's just preference. Are you a "free form" in your rooms or more symmetrical square and tailored people? What do you like to look at? Would the pictures inside the frames change the whole look?

    For free form (and overall) I love #2 and keep getting drawn to it, but for squares I kinda like #3 or 4... maybe 4.

    #6 is totally my mom's style. It's that "tight-in-the-center" look I was talking about. Also a little more free form and fun.

    You are good at this, even if you were just copying designs!

  2. Okay, my comments are:
    Quincy is so adorable! I've started looking for him first with all pictures you post....and there he is!
    I like #1 the best, however, I think you need two more frames to add to it, put a tad more space between each frame.
    The ones you an T. like, I think will be too square for above the bed and not keeping with the softness of a bedroom, plus you have an expanse of wall reaching out from both directions. That arrangement works best if there is a door frame or window frame on both sides, IMO.
    #2 is okay, IF you add a couple more frames to breakup the staircase look.
    Did I mention Quincy?? He always has the 'what's going on?' look on his face. So cute.

  3. Number six (6) does not have enough spacing and may look better once it is finessed a little.

    But, something about number two (2) keeps me coming back for more. Maybe it is that it seems to be pointing me off to the left and I want to know what is going on over there?