Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gallery Wall

I mentioned quite some time ago that I was trying to figure out what to do on the wall above my bed. Well, I finally decided to do a gallery wall. I bought all the frames for cheap at Goodwill and have spray painted them all black.
I just need to decide how to lay them out (not as easy as I thought!). I've been using these photos to help me out. Hopefully I'll have the finished product up for you soon.



  1. I love the second one, it's the most organized. :P

  2. Are you wanting to create an illusion of more height or width? It seems for width, your pictures should be layed out in that direction.
    From the examples you've posted, any size frame, and any number of frames work.
    I would just play with it. I really like the third one solely for the 'blowing hearts' from one into another frame. Way cool!

  3. Get newspaper and trace the size of each frame onto the newspaper then cut them out and start placing them on the wall with scotch tape as a mock-up until you start to see the pattern you like.

    Any paper will work, newspaper just happens to be cheap.

    Leave them up for a day or so. Wake up to them and go to sleep to them at least once.

    The thing that make the second one look organized is that the outside edges created a nice neat border, framing the composition.

    The sixth one creates a very clean look, as everything is in balance with the frames being sized in pairs. This creates a very eye pleasing symmetrical composition. Classic but can be a bit boring as it is often overdone.

  4. Dad, I've got my newspapers all cut out ready to go on the wall once I think I like a formation ;)
    I do like the one with the edges that make a perfect square and am playing with that formation now. There's one other one I'm considering too.
    Hopefully will make a decision soon!

  5. I love these! I don't do them though because my mom is ALL about them. She is a total pro. We would lay out all the pictures we wanted on the ground first and arrange them there 5,000 times before we hung them.

    She would always bring me in on the process because we had opposite minds and argued a lot about layout. She always liked the end product much more than when she did them alone.

    My grandma had an entire HUGE wall (over 20 ft high, vaulted ceilings) completely done, it was insane! When she passed, all her kids got really into re-creating that look in her memory. She had so much art, photos, and wall hangings that even divided to four children, they each could cover a whole wall in their houses... and then some!

    I do mini versions, with only about 5 things. I can't get too busy or I feel cramped. But my walls are a tiny apartment. I'm sure the first house with a huge entry wall I get I will be channeling my Grammie. ;)


  6. That is awesome Red, I love the impact it can have when done on a full wall. Truly amazing. Maybe I need to steal you for your opinion on my potential layouts ;)