Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Links 4.25

How sweet are these sea otters?

Now this is a little girl, princess party!

Feeling stressed? Cope.

Bike beer holder, necessary?

I love this weekly feature. Goes to show just how inspiring these classy ladies are.

Man vs. Woman -The color spectrum

I wish we'd known about this egg decorating technique in time for Easter.


  1. I love Monday links!! The little sea otters are adorable! I did not know they hold hands when they're sleeping, so cute.
    There is only one thing missing on the '50 ways to cope list.' -- Prayer.

  2. These are all GREAT links. If I had to pick just one I would pick "Feeling Stressed?" as I think everyone can get something out of this one.

    Then the "Classy Ladies" what a great job coordinating the personalities in the photos with the themes expressed in the interiors.