Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion Friday: The Royal Wedding

Of course! It's all anyone's been talking about lately right? How appropriate for it to fall on Friday too. Now, growing up on this side of the pond, I'm not a huge hat fan. However, I know how those English love them. There were a couple hats I enjoyed but over all, I thought most were over the top. Kate's dress, while not at all what I expected, was absolutely beautiful. Most of all though, I loved her earrings. They were custom designed by her parents and have some special meaning which you can read about here.

 These hats I like. Doesn't help that these girls are gorgeous.
I think her outfit was appropriate, classy and very cute.
While I hate both of their hats I do love the outfit on the right. The pleated skirt, cute heels and pretty jacket. All in a beautiful blush color. Perfect.

 Check out that train!
 Classic, Grace Kelly-esque.
The earrings! Aren't they just to die?!

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  1. Did you hear the significance behind the earrings?! The middle is little acorns to represent her new family crest or something to that effect. Cute!