Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It's complete! Remember the beginning stages from this post? Well, I completed it last week and absolutely love it! It was definitely a fun, cheap and easy project.
Framed mirror- $6.99 at Goodwill
Chalkboard paint (which I've re used) -$8
Blue paint for trim (a sample size from Lowes)- $4
Project total: $18. Not bad!

Again, I'm not pleased with my photography. Not sure what my deal is lately but please ignore the crookedness of these:

1.) Yes, I did paint my ugly white trash can with chalkboard paint and I love it.
2.) Notice how the pretty Eiffel tower went from ooh la la to being taken over by King Kong? You can thank T for that laugh.
3.) I need to get an actual eraser.
4.) In that very last picture you can just barely see where I cracked the corner of the mirror. Oops.


  1. I'm stalking again! ;)

    Just thought I'd say hi, instead of being a creeper. I like what you're doin' on here... ya know, pointing at pretty things for me to look at. Oh, and I love chalk board paint and use it on clay pots and then put candles in them.

    Oh, and I looooved that post a while back about the open window bathroom, but I never commented. :)


  2. And posting a comment without a profile is kind of annoying. I guess I better start a blog. ;)


  3. Nice Job, I like it. What is next?