Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello Lovies!

Valentines Day is my favorite! Honestly, I might like it even more than Christmas.

I'm sure it starts with my incredible Mom (dad too) spoiling me as a child on Valentines Day. Ever year I got a new outfit, flowers from my Dad, and a gift from my Mom. I'm not talking some candy and a stuffed animal, I'm talking a big toy I'd been wanting or clothes and other girly stuff.

Well, that tradition still goes on, except I but my own outfit. 

T and I planned to go shopping before picking up some dinner, but the poor guy caught my awful cold and is staying home. I think I'm going to grab some Cheesecake Factory, moscato, and watch a movie with him this evening.

Here's some pictures from today's fabulousness. Oh, and my week of Valentine outfits ;)

The Valentines I sent my nieces and their fun envelopes, the valentines for my favorite coworkers (earrings, chapstick, and kisses), and a valentine from my wonderful friend.
                                   My nails, a little sloppy as I used my "wrong" hand
                                          February 11th, sparkle tights!
                                                       February 12th, floral tights
                                                                                             February 13th
                                    The littlest (for another 3 weeks) valentine niece <3 font="">

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