Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Colorful Brooklyn Affair

This colorful wedding takes place in one of my dream wedding venues, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. In highschool I was flipping through a magazine and they had a celebrity wedding featured that took place at the botanical gardens. In the photos it was pouring rain and it looked so gorgeous through the glass, domed roof. Anyways, love the venue.

Now, onto this wedding! You may notice the bridesmaids all have different colored shoes and accessorizes. The bride had them all choose the same dress but then to keep with her colorful them, assigned each a color to accessorize with. I love how it turned out! Everything is uniform but everybody still gets to add their own little flair. 
I really like the simplicity and clean lines of the invitations then there's that amazing green map. Do you know how much I love maps? A lot. One in all green? Even better! Of course they have the ever popular (and adorable) typewriter and suitcase. What a pretty, colorful wedding.

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  1. And yet another awesome wedding post!
    The shoes of a different color for the bridesmaids is a wonderful idea as it adds a surprise element and steps away from the mundane 'matchy matchy' age old history of weddings.
    What stood out for me with this wedding is the cake. I LOVE the all white. Simple, intricate and different.