Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Get Personal

This apartment has such a great indie vibe to it. While it's not exactly my style I love the use of colorful materials to brighten up the dim walls.I can imagine gathering with friends over the table in the kitchen talking or baking some bread or sipping tea in the living room.
It all seems very personal, which I like.

More pictures here: desiretoinspire


  1. Nice old country digs.

    The area rug, old wood pew and wall treatments warm up the area and give a nice balance to the scale of the room.

    I like the use of the old table for the base of the couch.

  2. Do you see the puppy? So adorable.
    I really like the style of all the rooms here, especially love the kitchen. The word 'utilitarian' comes to mind, but in a good way. :)