Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Simplicity

Sorry for my mini hiatus this past week. I've been so busy with my parents in town and finding a new vehicle that I feel like I'm never home. Should be a more relaxing week this week though. I saw this house a couple weeks back and just adore it. I like how from far away it looks like nothing but a sweet, country cottage. However, once you get closer you see that huge, outdoor bath. Can you imagine bathing, outside, with that perfect view? I think the simplicity of the inside is perfectly fitting.


  1. I'll take one please, just outside of Dallas.
    Simplicity, quietness and solitude. Excellent find!

  2. That outdoor bathtub is definitely interesting :) Love the idea of it, but not sure if I could actually do it!

  3. I too, love this little shanty and its relaxing country settings. When can I move in?