Thursday, April 14, 2011

Do you Suppose?

More stunning architecture by the geniuses at Suppose Design. 
I have a weird affinity for exhibitionist bathrooms and this one is no exception. 

One of our interior design projects in college was to design a loft apartment for on campus students. In the upstairs, sleeping area I created a bathroom between the two bedrooms with low, frosted glass walls. Everyone gave me a hard time about how you'd have to be comfortable with your roommate to use it. What can I say? I just love glass. Maybe I'm brave too ;)

So, would you be brave enough to use this bathroom?


  1. Gorgeous! But no. Not brave enough.

  2. I really like the architectural/interior design style, wish I was that creative. I just love furniture that does not frump onto the floor. There is just something about how the floor continues to flow unobstructed under the furniture that creates that appealing look that I so like.

    As for the public bathroom, probably not for me, maybe if I was young and handsome.