Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: A very Etsy wedding

I Love Etsy, as you already know. While helping a friend look for wedding decor I realized you could easily have a entire wedding from Etsy, it's incredible.   
Dress ($498):Via:here
Shoes ($38):Via here
                                                                Fascinator ($36) Via here
Bridesmaid dress ($40): Via here
Flower girl dress ($24) Via here
 Invitations ($75)Via here
                                                Place card ($1): Via here                                               

Centepieces ($18.50 and $30) Via here and  here
Bout ($9) Via :here
 Engagement ring ($700) Via here

Beautiful and economical!


  1. Nice job! All unique, pretty and fabulous finds for anyone planning a wedding with cost in mind. Almost makes me wish I was planning one!

  2. Very clean, elegant and affordable! Good job event planner.