Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Devil Went Down To Georgia

I love that song, got to love some good fiddling. Seriously.
That's clearly not what this is about though. This charming house is based in Georgia though. It belongs to Atlanta Braves player Derek Lowe and his wife. 
I love the white washed exterior. I think it complements the scenery instead of competing with it. I wish there were more interior pictures but from what I can see the interior is pretty awesome as well. Black and white may be a common color combination but it's certainly not boring. It looks fresh yet slightly rustic.

P.s. I know it's late but this is Friday, 2/4 's post.


  1. Clever girl you are! "Georgia on my mind" by Ray Charles, another awesome Georgia song.

    Love the house, especially the kitchen...it's got plenty of room to roam. haha.

  2. Love the interior courtyard. The house has a very nice symmetrical view to it, which is candy to the eyes.

    Now for the bad:

    You would think with a very comfortably sized home such at this, they would have a place to stow a ladder other than in the kitchen.

    The chalkboard is awesome, but lets get real, and really use it not just for art but for function too. I want to see reminders, maybe some child's handy work.