Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I was born to be a dancer

As promised, here are more gorgeous ballerina photos. I am just in awe of The Ballerina Project (also follow their blog ). I want so many of these prints and can't help but think they'd looking amazing pretty much anywhere in my house.
They make me wish I hadn't give up ballet at the mere age of 5 (just because my best friend quit!). I've always wished to be a dancer, I've got the long, ridiculous limbs, high arches and hyper extended arms...Think it's too late for me? ;)

I like how this one's different, more casual almost.
Look at that arch! and that hyper extended leg! This girl is my favorite.
Stunning background and I love the sophisticated black.
Almost grungy. I like.
I've got to be honest, I'd totally buy this if I could crop the ballerina out.
3 things I love, stormy days, umbrellas and a good trench coat.

Theres just 7 for now. You can expect to see a lot more popping up around here as I'm completely obsessed. I strongly urge you to go check at all (I mean every. single. one.) their photos.

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