Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Throwback -Ghost dream-

I had this dream a while ago (April 1st, 2010 to be exact) but I've been saving it for a Thursday.

Ghost dream

It started that I was in some really cool hotel room (large, open space. The bathroom was huge and the walls didn't go all the way up. There were even several closets full of gorgeous clothes) with T and some pretty girl.
The girl and I were wandering around exploring things when we saw a little flash of light. Then, all of a sudden, I was a little girl and this pretty girl was my older "sister". We were running around playing and the hotel kept getting bigger and bigger, until it was an old mansion and we kept discovering new areas that hadn't been there before.
We went to this one area and saw another flash and got this weird scary sense that it was a ghost but we continued playing anyway. Then we had some friends there who were playing and chasing us around until me and my sister ran downstairs and outside where we saw our parents.
I realized then that we were dead (my sister and I). We talked for a little bit with my parents and then went back inside with our "new" brother (He had been our brother while we were living but apparently he had just died and therefore joined us). As we were walking back inside some old lady popped her head in and said  to me "He put you in here with the towers and flashes", I realized I was the only one of us 3 children who knew we were dead, my sister and brother had no idea. I didn't say anything to them and we ran back upstairs and our friends were chasing us again so we jumped over a little banister, that lead to a ramp to get away from them.

That was it. That was the dream. The weirdest part was that I woke up feeling very calm instead of creeped out like I normally would have (and should have) been. It was kind of a surreal feeling.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever had a dream that left you feeling out of sorts?


  1. scary dream.....and definitely creepy. A good one for intrepratation.
    I've had a dream that left me feeling 'out of sorts'....and I can recall it vividly. (I told you about it I think)...what do they mean? Anything? Or nothing at all? Maybe it's time to buy a book about dreams.

  2. It sounds like you just read or watched the Lovely Bones haha