Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oops! And my bedroom wall.

I just realized, I didn't blog yesterday? Well, no sense beating myself up over it, right?

I meant to play with some picture frames over the bed today but I spent too much time laying in bed (not feeling well) to think about what do over it.

For a while now I've been trying to figure out how to decorate the space up there and I'm still undecided.
This is the best picture I have of the wall space but not how it looks now

This is what it looks like (except the bed skirt and duvet are not wrinkled anymore) now, plus I had pushed the Armoire flat against the wall. I'd love a new headboard but its not in the budget now.

I'm leaning towards a photo collage like this (I don't know where I got this one..oops)

I was originally going to do something like this. (via Emily A. Clark)

Or just 2 frames? (via Emily A. Clark)
I like frames above the nightstands

This could be cute. (Via Emily A. Clark)

And another from Emily

Ideally, I'd love something like that but we haven't been blessed with gorgeous city windows. (Via designsponge )So, what do you like best?


  1. Wow. They are all great! I especially like the idea of a picture right about the nightstand (it's different from the norm)...and, the two pictures above the bed with yellow in them would look amazing in your bedroom..I like the yellow I guess.

  2. I like the pics above the nightstand too. Very cool... might have to try that. And I like the 3 pics above the headboard. But I'm partial to that because that's what mine is haha. This would be an excellent time to dip into that artsy side of yours and paint something simple to go up there too. Not that you don't already have a zillion cool pics and frames and such...

  3. I like the circle mirror and the pictures above the nightstand.. GAH! I cant wait to have my own place to decorate...