Monday, June 7, 2010

Lovely little links

I hope your monday was bearable. If not (or even if so) here's some sweet links to brighten your evening.

The inspiration for my own 365.

Can I live in this site ? I want it all.

Awesome!  Now, I just need to write a letter to go in it.

The most amazing maternity shoot. (scroll down, then scroll through).

These photos make me want to chop my hair off. Don't worry, I won't

This dress would be perfect for my friends wedding next month. While I'm at it I think I need this one too. Oh! and this one!

These clutches would make the perfect gift.

Desperately craving, I love cherries so.


  1. LOVE that maternity shoot!! The 2nd dress is soooooo cute. but the 3rd one would look best on you.

  2. Yes, I am in love with the dress she wore at 16 weeks. I want it, I don't even care if it maternity.