Friday, April 5, 2013

Fashion Friday: Julep

If you've spent anytime around me, you know that I'm a nail polish addict. I paint my nails a new color weekly and buy new polish way too often. I'm pretty loyal to Essie, but for Christmas I got some nail polish from Julep and I love it!

Today they emailed me about their "Maven" program. Basically, you sign up and they'll send you a monthly box containing $40 worth of nail polish and body products based on your style quiz. Like Birch Box, if you're familiar. Now, you can skip any months you want, or even gift your box to someone else. The best part of today's email? The first box is FREE! Well, okay, there's the $3.99 shipping but, whatever.

I picked the bombshell box. Now, had I not been so impatient, I would've realized there were a ton of boxes to pick from and I probably would've picked one of the April choices. Oh well, these 2 colors are unlike anything I have and can't wait to get my box.

If you're a nail polish junkie like me, definitely order at least the "free" box and then cancel. If you're not into nail polish, but you love me, feel free to order me some :D

I wish I was getting paid by Julep for this, but really I'm just trying to pass on a good deal. Plus, if you order, I do get "Jules" which it appears I could eventually apply towards a purchase. Click here if you want try out Julep.


  1. I will order! What box would you like? :)

  2. I love all the April ones :)