Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Friday: GIRLS crush

I am obsessed with this show. We started watching when it first came out last year and I instantly fell in love. It's hilarious, charming, and most of all, awkward. So awkward. Like, hiding under the covers cringing awkward.
There is quite the range of fashion on that show, it definitely contributes to the awkwardness. One of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard from A Cup of Jo had the privilege of interviewing Girls costume designer, Jenn Rogien.
I found the interview absolutely fascinating. Go read it here.

I think out of all their ranges of fashion, I'm closest to Shoshanna's. She always dresses very girly. All dresses, skirts, and painted nails. We've both got the awkward hand down too.

 A close second would be Marnie. She tends to dress more business than I would. Think fitted dresses, pearls, and pumps. 

A part of me wish I were bold enough to dress like Jessa. Not the MC hammer pants and insane prints, but the 80's style hats and 60's style dresses. She's very eclectic though.

Then there's Hannah. Some of her clothes are cute, really cute. She just wears them all wrong.

You can watch Girls Sunday nights, on HBO.

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  1. Hannah needs a teeny bit of help for sure.
    Great post! Now I know what I've been missing.