Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

to the best Dad I could ever have. Now, don't laugh at the picture (actually, do). I know it's funny and not the best of either of us but it's goofy --like us.
When I was little I was always a daddy's girl, I remember holding his hand in Hawaii playing what I think of as "bread & butter". We'd pass over a post and break hands and I'd say something like tea and he'd say biscuit. Pretty silly really but I enjoyed it. Sometimes when I didn't have school I'd go to work with him and he'd let me draw on his erase board or make copies (funny how I used to enjoy that and now hate it) and the best part of going to work with him was going to lunch at this local deli, they have the best tuna salad.
Now, dad was a lot of fun but he was tough when need be, which I'm so grateful for. Like my mom, he gave the perfect balance of discipline and love and support. For instance, when I was about 4 I blurted out some curse word I must have heard somewhere. He took me home, put dome Tabasco in my mouth, told me to not use that word and then gave me a Popsicle to soothe my overheated mouth. Perfect punishment.
I'm not sure if he remembers this but I've always remembered it: I was being angsty and yelling at my mother saying horrible things like I wish she'd go away and I didn't like her. He came into my room and told me to never speak that way because you don't know what can happen and I would never want those to be the last words I spoke to my mom. Just a good reminder to never leave or go to sleep angry.
Another great thing about Dad? He can fix anything. Never did mom or I have to take our car to a shop, he'd just fix it himself. Broken things around the house? He'd fix them.
So that's just a very small taste of why I have the best dad ever.
I love you Daddy!


  1. Honey Jo,

    Thank you for the very best Fathers day expression of love that a dad could receive. Better that any old card or outing to lunch. You brought me back to a place that I so enjoyed, cherished and will never forget.

    Funny, but you are just as much of what made me who I am as anything in my life. My life changed in such a great way because of your mom, Brian and you.

    Thanks for the memory check and the big warm smile you put on my face.

    I love you,


  2. Haha. I never knew about the 'bread and butter' game..so cute.
    Remember Benny and the Jets? Or 'My girl'? You two wore those songs out on our trip back to Alaska.
    Or when in Yellowstone, he got pulled over by a cop for driving too fast, and managed to talk the cop out of writing him a ticket as he explained he was helping you with coloring. (while driving??) It worked though. No ticket.
    You are so right about him being able to fix anything. I can't think of a thing he has not been able to fix, ever.
    We are both very lucky ladies!