Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I love a good industrial loft and this one's just perfect. The brick walls are looking rough, cement floor, and a nice raw kitchen. The dogs are pretty darn cute too! When can I move in?!


  1. Yes, until you had to pay the heating or cooling bill. ---Lofts are awesome though. This one looks much like some we have looked at recently.
    btw, wonder what happened to my comment on Monday links.

  2. We looked at some industrial loft types, but most all of them had super large single pane windows.

    The feel and look was outstanding, but the reality of heating and cooling those large open spaces with windows that provided no thermal reduction stopped us dead in our tracks.

    If the rent and/or cost for the units like this were cheaper than those with better thermal controls we would still be considering them.

  3. Good points!
    Mom, I don't know??