Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chalkboard Appliances

When used properly chalk board paint can create a really fun effect. I love this idea of using it as the stove back splash. Looks like it may be on the oven door too? I've seen it done on fridge's as well which is awesome! I hate when things look busy but I'd much rather have a fridge painted black that can be written on than a fridge plastered with pictures and junk.
What say you? Nay or yay to the chalkboard appliances?


  1. Yay, hands down. I love this idea! I'll take the chalkboard fridge. I saw a picture somewhere online where chalkboard paint is painted on the lower kitchen cabinets so kids can draw all over the kitchen.

  2. It looks cute in the kitchen you posted, but I say 'nay'. When you splatter grease from cooking onto the chalkboard, how would it clean up?
    I like the refrigerator chalkboard idea, because kids would love it as well as the adults.

  3. Chalk board appliances? Well, chalk is dry and I think that chalk boards are cool, but should be used in areas that will not receive moisture, grease, food and other elements splashed on it.

    A refrigerator with chalk board surfaces could be cool if done right, like a place for items to remember, etc. Remember finger prints can take away from the look of any surface, but more so in chalk board media.

    Stoves with chalk board surface? jury is still out on this one. Remember each to their own.