Monday, February 7, 2011

Seventh's Seven

A realistic, (almost) love story.

Bird dress, why, oh why, are you out of stock?!

I want to be her, I am her? Seriously, reminds me of me. I'd definitely wear that :)

A friend's wonderful design blog.

Style Me Pretty has a magazine?! Whoo!

This dress is so sweet and perfect for Valentine's.

I've got to have this pretty pale green nailpolish!


  1. Seriously, that is you! Made me smile. :)
    The bird dress....who would have thought a dress covered in birds could be so cute? Yet, there it is, most adorable.
    The pink chiffon dress is pretty hot, too. Every girl needs a new dress for Valentine's Day!

  2. The (almost) story is absolutely great.

    I love the format of the "I want to be her" site, what a great idea booker/blog.

    The first video on " A friend's wonderful design blog" is awesome. I could totally see that being you off touring Paris.