Friday, January 21, 2011

Very pretty little liars

I posted about this show a while back and well, the new season has started and the fashion just keeps getting better and better. Everything from their clothes and accessories to shoes and makeup, it is all gorgeous. The most recent episode had several items I'm dying to have including this chirping chemise from Anthropologie:

Unfortunately, it is no longer available. Cross your fingers that I'll be able to find it locally though.
Sorry the quality is crap, I print screened it from ABC familys website. Looks so cute with the brown boots and brown belt. Can you tell I like birds?

I really loved the lip color here, it looked like a nice pretty, pink stain. If I could only figure out where to get the perfect color...

college in style had some cool look boards for the character's and these two were my favorites:

I absolutely love her hair, it has so much volume! I really love the dark, prominent eyebrows as well. Makes for a stunning look.

I really like the look on the far left. It looks like the perfect party, fun dress. They all look pretty cute though.

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