Thursday, January 13, 2011


Or "Jermoan" as T likes to call it. Maybe for all the moaning ghosts? Jerome is a quaint, old mining town perched on a cliff. It's rumored to have lots of ghost but unfortunately we weren't able to do one while we were there. We did however walk downtown (aka town, haha) and check out the cute shops like The World's Largest Kaleidoscope Store. I was intrigued by the hollowed out, old bank (pictured below), I thought the "vault" was quite funny.

One of the highlights of Jerome is the Jerome Grand Hotel (formally a hospital) but we were saddened to find it closed, you can read about that here :(.


View from The Jerome Grand Hotel

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  1. The picture of you standing at the edge makes ME nervous. Hey, I wonder if the Asylum restaurant still serves the $10/bottled water?
    Thank you for Jerome memories....:))