Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So, once upon a time, in art class in college we were talking about different hue's of white. Everyone was shouting out answers like: "ivory", "cream", "snow". Well, I didn't get the memo (due to me excessive chatting and doodling, I'm sure) and thought we were just yelling random hue's for any color. I very loudly shouted out "pumpkin!". Everyone gave me an odd look and carried on. Ever since then my friends like to bring up that embarrassing moment and occasionally refer to me as pumpkin.
Anyways, my point is, it is now officially fall (even though Phoenix's weather may say otherwise) and I am craving all thing pumpkin.
Here's a few of my pumpkin, fall favorites:

Haven't tried these yet as I can't find them but they look tasty!

I also love Little Debbie's pumpkin cakes,  and Dunkin Donuts pumpkin coffee.
Do you have any pumpkin favorites?


  1. Gross, I hate pumpkin anything. Blech!

  2. I have a pumpkin favorite....Scentsy's pumpkin pie scent! Smells exactly like a pumpkin pie.

    Love the college story, btw.

  3. At an IHOP's the other day and they had their annual pumpkin pie pancakes. looked pretty good!