Thursday, August 5, 2010


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But today felt so much like Friday...I even went into work half convinced it was Friday. Well, I guess we will see what tomorrow feels like...

I've been listening to a lot of old music lately, stuff I listened to back in High school like Rooney, The Starting LineGuster, The All-American Rejects ...that kind of stuff.

It's weird how much a song can bring back memories. With some of the songs (for instance, Green Days Are We the Waiting) I can remember exact moments.

That one reminds me of Sr. year Wrestling....We had a day where it was snowing a ton, enough to close the schools early (that's not a common thing in Alaska) but we still had a wrestling tournament going on and I went to pick up my BFF from her school and bring her to the tourney and me and my friend Ryan were singing this song together. Now anytime I hear it that's all I can think of and a part of me doesn't even want to listen the song for chance that it will ruin that memory and replace it with a new one. Kind of weird of me, huh?

Do you have any songs that you have a strong memory linked with?


  1. i remember that day at Grace! I came too! :) and yes a lot of songs remind me of times.. exspecially in your jeep driving and hello goodbye stuff and superchick :). Also green day reminds me of driving in my car in the morning.

  2. "My Girl' - reminds me of driving up the AlCan to Alaska.
    Songs are weird with the whole memories thing, and isn't it wonderful to be able to pull out the memory and smile?

  3. are we the waiting??? I never would have guessed! how cool. now it has that memory for me too :)