Thursday, July 1, 2010

T squared

Thursday Throwback!

I'm going the safe route and doing another drawing :)
A lot of the time me and my BFF, (A) would use drawings to describe important/ embarrasing/ silly/ etc. things that happened to us during the day.
In this one me and K were at the movies and when we left this guy Joe who I thought was cute was sitting in the lobby. I got nervous and squealed "hijoe!" then ran into the door. What can I say? I'm smooth like that.


  1. o g. throwback indeed! now, is this fireweed or totem? totem i believe?

  2. love it! :) Drawings were da bomb back then :) and yes totem which by the way is now a 3 dollar theatre and quite ghetto i guess.

  3. I know it's weird in commenting on this now and don't ask why I'm all the way back here haha because i dont know how i got here, but I looked at this pic tonight and instantly was like um Fireweed, duh!! How weird I didn't recognize it or remember then, but I remember now. Can't believe that building is gone now!